FAQ about Nutfield Day Nursery

What do I need to supply for my child?
Children need to supply their own nappies and wipes and sudacrem please. And, a spare set of clothes, including socks, to be placed in their nursery rucksacks. We will furnish you with a helpful list of what to pack as the requirement changes with the seasons but basically a waterproof and welly boots or sun protective suits and sun cream is the basic need. A spare pair of shoes all year around such as slippers. In the winter snow suits are ideal and plenty of layers works well. Nursery uniform is sold here for children over two years, for the under two’s our uniform is optional as we are growing so fast.
Please can I remind you that we are out in all weathers and we have a strong belief that there is no such thing as ‘bad weather’, just bad clothing. So, it really helps if mums and dads pack our rucksacks well each day in preparation for any weather ahead.

Can you cater for my child’s dietary needs?

Yes, the nursery kitchen caters for a vast array of intolerances and sensitivities within our diet, together with more serious allergies. We work with parents, doctors and dieticians to overcome any intolerances and allergies through altering our menu to accommodate this whilst making sure food is similar for all children to feel included. The vegetarian option is always included on our menu. Only in extreme cases where food cannot be prepared in the same kitchen as other foods would it be necessary for parents to bring in an alternative.

Is there a minimum attendance?
Yes, children come to nursery between two and five days each week throughout the year. This ensures they settle quickly and doesn’t disrupt the middle of our day when we are off site or engaged with children. It is difficult to cover the government framework for children over three years in less than three days and that is the ideal minimum attendance for a child over three before starting school. The minimum remains at two days throughout a child’s time at nursery.

What are the requirements for Forest School?
Children can book just one day, and will need to bring in a bag of clothes to ensure that we have legs and arms covered, plus appropriate clothing and food wear for the weather of the season. Children also need to be brothers or sisters of children already attending nursery or be ex-NDN children. This is so that we know them and their families, have full details recording about them and importantly because they have gone through our fire training and tool use at nursery with us already. We are also a small nursery and the Forest School during the holidays compliments our nursery service as opposed to being opened up to the general public as an additional venture.

What methods of payments do you accept?
We accept anything apart from shirt buttons! Invoices are online and parents can take advantage of childcare vouchers, Tax Free Childcare, the Early Years Free Entitlement for up to 15 hours of Government Funding plus can claim some or all the plus 15 hours from September 2017. Payments can be made by standing order, direct debit, bank transfers, faster payment instructions, cash or cheque.

Can I speak with another parent?
Of course, we would recommend this. We can put you in contact with families past or present, with twins, with four children, with a young baby. Just ask us.