Why choose Nutfield Day Nursery?

You would choose Nutfield Nursery because:

  • You want to know beyond doubt that your child’s welfare is paramount.
  • You need full day care and want your child/children to benefit from socialisation within a small group.
  • You wish your child to grow in independence and confidence whilst still being supported by a team of experienced, knowledgeable and caring adults.
  • You want your child or children to enjoy and have fun particularly in the outdoor environment as a compliment to your home lives.
  • You want to know that your child/children will be looked after even if you are delayed.
  • You know your child/children need individual care and education where they will be respected and listened to.
  • As parents and with your extended family you want to work with us to best meet the changing needs of your children during their magical development journey at Nutfield.
  • You will appreciate the accelerated learning methods adopted in our non-pressurised environment.
  • You want to see appropriate education, where your children travel through personal exploration and you can see our teaching.
  • You want school readiness, without losing sight of life skills and the real world outside the classroom.
  • You want your children to benefit from high standards of health and safety whilst embracing real life tasks such as finding out about tool use and fire lighting.
  • You have a strong regard to the involvement of food in our lives and hygiene and nutrition are important to you.
  • You want a homely feel to the place where your child spends a great deal of time and you want them to be treasured and nurtured with the help of nature.